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Who We Are

The Fifth Element Academy brings together global, multidisciplinary expertise to democratize access to the knowledge and skills that can elevate your practice. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or seasoned professional looking to stay sharp, our highly-customized programs aim to keep you ahead of the curve and most importantly, enable you to give back to the community.

What we offer

Empower individuals to carve their path and succeed in the labour market; providing support throughout every step of their career journey

Skill Assessment
Skill Assessment

We work with local and regional clients to develop business and growth strategies, helping ensure long-term sustainability with practical recommendations and strategic roadmaps.

Job Placement
Job Placement

We ease the process of digitization and digitalization, simplifying the roadmap while ensuring our clients can compete on the global stage.

Labour Market Preparation & Upskilling
Labour Market Preparation & Upskilling

We ensure that core functions continue to run smoothly, updating our methodologies to keep pace with new developments.

Post Placement Support
Post Placement Support

We help shape these foundations for our clients, future-proofing their businesses.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

We help shape these foundations for our clients, future-proofing their businesses.

Networking & Building Community
AZM Alumni community ​

We help people connect and support each other, keeping up with new changes.

Sourcing best-fit Emirati talent to labor market partners across the UAE

Full fledge AI-powered platform
Full fledge AI-powered platform

Streamlined opportunity & candidate management

Sourcing of talent
Sourcing of talent

Access to a vast pool of top-notch employment-ready candidate

AI-based recommendations
AI-based recommendations

Matching of best-fit talent based on skills set and job requirements

Analytical metrics and dashboards
Analytical metrics and dashboards

Advanced Competency analysis and job applications updates



Launched in response to the increasing demand for Emirati talent in the workforce, the Azm Initiative aims to educate, train and empower our nation’s talent to take charge of their careers.

The Azm initiative consists of a variety of different training, coaching & mentoring programs that are designed to support the varying needs of a range of targeted individuals.

Our programs are designed to give you the essential skills you need to find, secure, and succeed in your job of choice, with access to in-depth content, expert trainers, certified coaches and much more.

Azm also shares relevant opportunities tailored to your skills, to facilitate your access to full time jobs, internships, or graduate programs.

Training & Development

Whether you are an individual looking to sharpen and develop their work skills or an organization looking to upskill its human capital, the Fifth Element Academy provides a wide range of courses that are designed to equip beneficiaries with the tools, inspiration and knowledge to upskill and develop the competencies and digital skills needed in an ever-changing world.


Emiratization Programs

The Azm Initiative was launched o address to address the increasing demand for Emirati talent in the job market. Its mission is to train and empower Emirati individuals for effective career management.

Training & Development Programs

The Fifth Element Academy offers a diverse array of training and development programs.

Our Programs

Training & Development Programs


Emiratization Initiative

Whether you’re an individual looking to refine your professional skills or an organization focused on elevating your workforce’s capabilities, the Fifth Element Academy offers a comprehensive array of customized upskilling and development programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each target segment.

The AZM initiative was launched to address the increasing demand for Emirati talent in the job market. Its mission is to educate, upskill and empower Emirati individuals to excel in their chosen careers.

Targets Emirati students seeking Internships

Targets Emirati graduates seeking full-time jobs

Targets Emirati seeking flexible work arrangements in the gig economy

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Academic Partners

Award-Winning Education

Our curriculum is crafted by a team of expert instructional designers to ensure relevant, current coursework immediately applicable to the field.

Dynamic Innovative Learning

We leverage the latest technological tools to provide our students with an engaging. blended online and offline learning experience.

Career Growth With Top Employers

We help our community thrive with a specialized, full-time team that gets students jobs, partnerships, and collaborations with over 2,500 innovative employers.

Access to GA's Alumni Network

Connect with the globe's top talent as part of our network of over 35,000 alumni and pursue success with an exclusive group of creative professionals.

Discover the Future of UAE's Labor Market

Download our Impact Report 2023 to gain valuable insights into:

  • Current Challenges and Concerns Amongst Emiratis and Employers
  • The Future of the UAE Labor Market and Economy
  • The Initiatives by Fifth Element Academy for Workforce Development


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