Our Leadership

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Afra AlShamsi


Afra is the Managing Partner at The Fifth Element, where she leads with a visionary approach to integrating financial acumen and strategic social investment insights into the realm of digital and social innovation. Her journey through the financial and strategic sectors, beginning as a Budget Specialist and advancing to senior roles like the Senior Accountant and Flows Section Manager at The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, has equipped her with a robust foundation in financial planning, analysis, and social investment strategies.

Her academic achievements, including a Master in Business Analytics from Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM) and a Bachelor of Business Science in Accounting with a minor in Psychology from Zayed University, have provided her with a deep understanding of data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, and the psychological aspects of business and leadership.

In her capacity as Managing Partner, Afra’s leadership is characterized by a forward-looking perspective, emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology and analytics to drive social change and business innovation. Her work encompasses overseeing projects that not only aim for financial success but also contribute positively to society, reflecting her commitment to blending business acumen with social responsibility.

Christian Gemayel


Christian Gemayel is one of the founding partners of The Fifth Element and the managing partner of its consulting arm. Christian has extensive consulting and industry experience, having been involved in a large number of projects across the Middle East, where he continues to serve both government and SME clients.

Christian works with clients on design and implementation programs covering different topics pertaining to strategy, operations and human capital areas across a variety of industries, namely the public sector, education, and technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industries.

Some of his work includes the development of government-level strategies & policies, corporate and go-to-market strategies, organization and target operating model design, process optimization, due diligence and feasibility studies, as well as the delivery of large-scale human capital development & training programs.

In addition to his work in consulting, Christian has also worked on various thought leadership articles focused around innovation and technology trends.

Mohammed Rashid


Mohammed Rashid is a distinguished technology executive with over nine years of comprehensive experience in the forefront of EdTech, HRTech, Smart Cities, Blockchain, and Data Analytics. As the Partner and Chief Technology Officer at The Fifth Element, Mohammed directs the organization’s technology strategy and implementation, evidencing his pivotal role in shaping innovative solutions that leverage cutting-edge advancements.

His journey in technology is marked by his entrepreneurial ventures, founding startups in the IoT and blockchain sectors, demonstrating a strong dedication to innovation. Mohammed’s expertise is further evidenced through his roles at Accenture, as a Smart City and Enterprise Architecture Consultant, and at Avanza Innovations, as a Blockchain Implementation Consultant. His work spans various industries including Health & Public Sector, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Customs, and Banking, showcasing his ability to deliver impactful technology solutions in diverse fields.

Mohammed has a distinguished track record in leading Smart City projects, focusing on areas such as Smart Education, Smart Parking, Smart Power, and Digital Wayfinding, underlining his proficiency in leveraging technology for urban efficiency and sustainability.

Mohammed Rashid CTO